KDD.SG Seminar organized by SIGKDD Singapore & WeWork

Rise of Hybrid Multi-cloud, irrelevant buzzword or important trend?

May 29, 2019 | 6pm to 8.30pm | WeWork 71 Robinson


Cloud Computing has become a mainstay of IT industry in recent years. Many variations and flavors had since developed, and they can be quite confusing to those who are unfamiliar. Many chose to follow suit simply because it is a growing trend, but they may not be making the most appropriate decisions for their businesses if the intricacies aren’t studied thoroughly.

Cloud Computing in general can be viewed as a 3 layer architecture where, IaaS (infrastructure as a service) sits at the bottom, PaaS (platform aaS) in the middle, and SaaS (software aaS) on top.

Being the foundation layer, IaaS is critical in dictating an efficient and effective infrastructure that powers today’s businesses. In order to provision, deploy, and manage IaaS appropriately, specific terminology was developed to illustrate some of the most common deployment models, including private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud.

While public cloud, private cloud, and even hybrid cloud have been popularized, business needs continue to evolve and technology continue to advance. Today, Hybrid multi-cloud is becoming a growing trend in cloud computing. Deploying a cloud infrastructure that combines private on-premise data centers and multiple public cloud providers (hybrid multi-cloud) is daunting, but businesses continue to flock to this model. In his talk, Michael will discuss current industry trends and consumptions surrounding hybrid multi-cloud, implications of business and technology impact, and illustrate through a use case the need to embrace what is to come.


Michael Tsang currently serves as Senior Director of Channel Management APAC at Equinix, the leading data center provider in the world.

Prior to joining Equinix, Michael led engineering and research efforts at Hulu for 1 year, in areas such as recommendation, prediction, and pattern recognition.

Before Hulu, Michael spent 3.5 years with Alibaba, responsible for driving market entry and business growth in North and South America regions. He also led and completed Alibaba Cloud’s European data center strategy and owned Hong Kong’s partner management.

Prior to that Michael was with Microsoft for 16 years in various engineering roles including development and testing; gaining experience in operating systems, business rule engines, video rendering and transcoding, online advertising, and big data stream computing. Prior to Microsoft, he served at Hewlett-Packard in LaserJet and network management products.

Date/Time Wednesday 29 May 2019, beginning with a light reception at 6pm

Venue WeWork 71 Robinson Road Singapore 068895

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See you there!

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