Industry Session at ADMA’17

Towards our objective of bridging the data science communities in academia and industry, SIGKDD Singapore and ADMA2017 jointly organized the Industry Session in the Advanced Data Mining and Applications 2017 conference (ADMA’17), which took place on Nov 6, 2017 in NTU Alumni House at Marina Square.

The session featured the following talks by five accomplished professionals at the forefront of data science developments in Singapore.

Data Mining-based Cost Optimisation for Electricity Retailers
by Dr Phua Chun Wei Clifton, Director of Analytics, NCS Group

Advancing Ensembles for Population Data Mining
by Dr Graham Williams, Director of Data Science Asia/Pacific, Microsoft

Personalised News and Video Recommendation System at LinkSure
by Dr Rubing Duan, Director of Big Data Department, LinkSure

Innovation Opportunities in the Logistics Industry
by Timothy Kooi, Innovation Leader, DHL’s Innovation Center

AI in Healthcare – Opportunities and Challenges from a Health System’s Perspective
by Sijia Wang, Team Lead from Health Insights Department, Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS)

We thank all the speakers for the informative and insightful talks.


Dr Clifton Phua on Data Mining-based Cost Optimization for Electricity Retailers


Dr Graham Williams on Advancing Ensembles for Population Data Mining


Sijia Wang on AI in Healthcare


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